Room Rate

Kbox offers 1 VIP room (for ~16 people), 1 mini room (for 4 people) and 7 regular rooms (for ~ 10 people). Discounts and per-person rate are available during non-prime time.

Summer Special(06/02/2017-8/27/2017): Per Person Rate($12/person/hr)offered during weekend prime time for small groups.

Friday/Saturday Night Special Treat(06/02/2017-8/27/2017): One Facebook Check in to get everyone in the group a free fire ball shot! (*Promotion may only be applied to parties with all guests 21 and over, minimum 1 hour stay. Additional rules may apply. All rights reserved by Kbox) 

Holiday Schedule: We are open at normal business hours on July 4th (Independence Day).

Business Hours:

Mon - Tue: 7pm - midnight
Wed-Thur: 5pm - midnight
Fri-Sat: 2pm - 2am
Sun: 2pm - midnight



214 S. Craig St, Pittsburgh, PA15213 Tel: 412-621-2860